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EUC World: Questions for Lemfo LEMT Owners


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I grabbed one of these LEMT watches to run EUC World. I had intended to mount it to my wheels, or to my wristguards. 

I am really disappointed that:

(1) the bands are not removable (without destroying them)

(2) the charge point is on the back of the watch, and the charge adapter covers the entire backside, which means I can't cover the back of the watch with velcro and slap it onto my wristguards like I planned (see photos below). This suuucks.

(3) the bands are too small to go around my MC jacket 

So... I need a band extender to I can wrap this thing around my MC jacket or my wristguard.  Does such a thing exist?

Or.... I need to cut the magnetic charger and make it 1/5th the length (not sure if it will survive this surgery) so I can put velcro on most of the back, except for the charging terminals. Sketchy.

 LEMT users did any of you solve these problems? Any suggestions?




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15 hours ago, Łukasz said:

1. The bands can be removed without any problem. You need to unscrew the small hexagon nuts on the sides of the belt.

I have a LEMFO attached to the wheel with the charger:



Best regards

Hi Luke, yes I have one of your mounts for my V11 too.

If you take off the screws of the watch it exposes a pin inside that cannot be moved. So, it seems they designed it so the bands are not replaceable.

Exactly how did you get yours off?are you able to put them back on? I want mine to be re-usable

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I just got this watch and was wondering about mounting it as well. I popped open the charger (super easy, just slide in thin blade in the side opposite the cord and twist). It could easily be cut. I'm new here and having tried to upload photos so I'm not sure if this image will come through, but here is the link. I'm not going to cut mine until I get a spare, but you could easily velcro one side and make a thin charger that can slip on the end.


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The pins on mine came out just fine. Remove hex screws, push out the pins. I simply put 3m velcro on my bands on the inside near the very end. I mount it to my wheel like that. If you wanted to, you could remove the bands and simply put some velcro along the edges where the pins are. This leaves the charge port uncovered but gives you plenty of tack to stick on stuff. I wanted the option to wear it, so I didnt keep mine that way.  I also have designed and printed a tpu cover so it doesnt shatter when it bumps the ground. I havent hard mounted it to anything, as I use it for more than one wheel and other random crap for the bluetooth music. Chargers can be purchased from china for uber cheap. I have 3 laying around so I dont have to worry about that either.

If one was so inclined, you can fashion a longer watch band for it. Ive seen other users here, make bands specifically to fit on flexmeters and such.

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