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Which EUC to take on ski slopes


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I'm planning to go to ski slopes with one of my EUC and I have a dilemma.

I can either take the Sherman to have the knobby tire (but  I was told that the Sherman doesn't handle the wheel being stuck as good as Gotway's wheels and I can end up frying the board if enough snow stacks up between the shell & the tire) OR take the RS HT but it's the first version with the long pedals arms (low clearance) & street tire, as I can't fit a knobby atm (I'm waiting for the new pedals arms).

So I guess here are my questions: 

  1. Does the knobby tire make a big difference in the snow?
  2. In this situation, which wheel would you have taken?


Also, I started to work on snow chains, so far I've ended up with 3 styles of snow chains:

1 - Metal chains strapped around the wheel



But I'm afraid of them broking while riding and tangling up on the motor


2 - Zip ties directly on the tire

3 - Snow chains made out of ropes


What do you think about the idea of snow chains?


Thanks for the help!

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EUCs on the slopes! I hope the skiers & snowboarders won't freak out as you whizz by (or more likely, as they whizz by😉). 

All jokes aside, if its groom packed runs as most are, you likely would want studded tires. I'm not sure if they can be bought as such as its available for bikes but they are resources online for diy if you so desire. Whatever you choose, I certainly won't do it with naked street tires.

If its powder, you SOL no matter which or what you put on....unless its skis. You may be able to diy side skis (as is on learner bikes) & use knobbies or if they're available, mud paddles to drive them.

However it goes, Goodluck. Seems like a worthy addition to the slopes😁

edit: Chains are likely a no go but zip ties are certainly intriguing to say the least. Please let us know how that goes as its an experiment well worth trying. Make sure you snip off all the ends so they don't hit the shell.

Indeed, I think I might try the zip tie mod myself. Seems cheap & easy enough.

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Hahaha, I wish I could do this in a regular situation but I'm afraid it's generally not authorized!

Because of the COVID, currently, in France, you can go on the ski slopes but the lifts are closed so almost nobody can't use ski (except for ski touring). The slopes are empty! As a result, they are not as tidy as they are during a regular season (snow groomers do not pass as often) and the snow is not as packed, hence my hesitation!

For the moment studded tires are out of the question since it's a one-time thing I don't want to invest in a tire specifically for that, plus, since the snow won't be packed, it won't make a big difference I think

Here is the kind of terrain I'm expecting to go on:

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Personally I'd called that groomed runs. You can certainly try it on knobbies. Make sure you waterproof the wheel as much as possible before taking it out. With no ppl around, its should be a blast.

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Yeah, I guess you can call this groomed since it's not only powder. What I meant to say is that it's not as groomed as a regular season when you have skiers!
So from the two you would choose the Sherman for the knobby, with the risk of frying the board if too much snow stack and prevent the wheel to spin?

Anyways, thank you very much for the answer, and yeah, I really expect to have a blast ! :clap3:

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If it were me, I'd take the Sherm for now. Personally I don't think there'd be any issue so long as you don't dunk the whole wheel under the snow & leave it there. If it were me though, I'd open up the shell 1st & tape up whatever needs it. Then tape up the outer seams as much as possible including the top display panel.

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I understand the context due to Covid, but taking EUC on snowy ski slopes looks like a dangerous idea.
If you lose traction or control, you'll have most-likely a 30 kg bullet sliding and bouncing down until it hit an innocent victim.
Dead threatening situation.

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I see where you're coming from but everything about these things look like a dangerous idea. Think of every time you pass a pedestrian going 30+ mph. At any point, you could have fallen and that wheel could have smashed into them. There's risk in everything we do. Driving cars is probably the worst though. 
I just find it funny that you're worried about the risks of the people already strapping pieces of fiberglass to their feet to fly down a frozen mountain. It's more like every pedestrian I ever see in an EUC video is a potential innocent victim. Then again, so is any car I pass in the opposite lane going the opposite direction. It's perspective I guess.

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