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Gotway 14 Bluetooth mod


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Ok, I wanted a way to hear the beeps from my gotway 14 without it being loud and obnoxious.  so what I did was order one of these bluetooth transmitters




Now, the BT transmitter came with an audio cable, I cut that about 8 or 9 inches from the end, and inside there are 3 wires, a black, white, and a red one.  inside the gotway I had already wired in a pot to adjust the volume, so I drilled a small hole and ran the cable through, and connected the red and white wires, to the red wire that runs to the speaker (before the pot, not after)  and the black wire went to the black speaker wire.  I have velcro on the back of the bluetooth transmitter to stick it to the outside of my gotway 14.  I currently have it synced to my HBS-760 headphones,  (those headphones allow dual syncing so they are also synced to my phone)  ending result is I can ride, hear the beeps, and not have to let everyone else hear it beeping like crazy if I am riding fast :D


works well. :D  Oddly enough, with the earphone jack connected to the bluetooth transmitter, it prevents the speaker from working at all. Even if the bluetooth transmitter is powered off.  unplug it, and the speaker and pot work like normal again.




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