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ScooterHacking Utility app expanding to support Ninebot unicycles (need help)

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Hello fellow unicycle owners.
We're working on a free Android app that allows flashing and unlocking PEVs with just a couple clicks. We currently support all Ninebot and Xiaomi scooters, but we want to expand into other types of vehicles such as EUCs and e-bikes. To do that however we will need some data about the Bluetooth connectivity. We already have the protocols as they're the same as on the electric scooters, but we still need the "BLE beacon", or "Manufacturer ID". That's where you come in.
If you have a unicycle made by Ninebot, and would like to contribute to the project, please follow these steps:
1. Download the nRF Connect app from https://scooterhack.in/nrfandroid (Android)
2. Open the app
3. Turn on your Ninebot unicycle
4. Click "Scan" in the app and find your unicycle
5. Press on the name of your unicycle (don't connect), find the "Manufacturer data", and take a screenshot of the "Reserved ID". It should look something like this:

6. DM me the screenshot, put it in the comments or e-mail it to me at foxmaster@scooterhacking.org

This data can't be used to identify a certain user, it's the same for every device of a specific model or product lineup.
This data will help us bring free custom firmware and unlocking methods for a large selection of devices, every contribution helps :)

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On 2/9/2021 at 2:10 PM, Kapetz2 said:

Ninebot Mini - When powered on, other programs see it and connect, it is fully functional.  But your program can't find it

The EUC connection protocol is still a work-in-progress (it's not yet implemented). And as for the MiniPro, the app doesn't have the beacon and it won't be added so it won't support it and thus won't detect it.

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