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Retro-Fitting Mods for Safety


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There's a posting on Craigslist offering an aftermarket service to service pre-owned boards to make them 85% safer from fire through a $50 retro-fit.  I wrote to them asking what exactly they're doing for $50 and why it's 85% less likely to catch fire, but received a non-discript reply.  http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/ele/5356419116.html

Here's a snip of what they responded via email:  "We have developed a way to reduce the heat that is generated by the battery when in use and when charging. We also check to make sure the battery has falt protection but even with this protection the battery still has the potential to ignite and explode."


Anyone know what this is referring to?  Are there add-on parts/fuses that can regulate the battery/internal workings?


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Quick update from my initial post... Upon further questioning, the service provider gave this addition info:

"Yes, parts are added to reduce heat... ...Falt protection is a circuit board that is on the battery... ...this does not provide complete fire protection. If you are unsure if you're batteries have it or not then yes you are having problems."

So what exactly are they adding to the scooter batteries?  Where, and how, do you source those?  How are they installed on the retro-fit?


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Sounds like putting a rose quartz onto the battery to absorb the bad energy ?

If you have bad/fake/dead/low quality/dangerous battery cells inside your euc/hoverboard your only choice to stay with a nicely driving device is to get good batteries.

reducing the heat generated by the batteries by using or charging them means to limit the current - so it takes longer to charge and you limit the acceleration of your device, but it wont make it noticeable safer.

if you get a real reliant and secure fault protection for bad batteries it will just give you an alarm and turn off. There is nothing that can let you drive and reduce the risk but new batteries.

Especially in combination with the undetailed answer to your question i would consider this offer as scam. Save the money for new batteries or a qualiity hoverboard is the better choice.

ps.: at least everytime i read the "makes it 85% safer from fire" makes me smile again - that's such a nice stupid nonsense ?

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