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Unicycle stands by ShanesPlanet

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Here they are... the little mten stands I've been working on for a little while. Yup, 20+ colors available on these Why? Because I find black and white to be simply boring, and WHY NOT? The mten stands will easily manage 200lbs+ and are a perfect fit. The mten stand is over 1/2lb of quality filaments.  Overkill? Perhaps. Its against my very nature to build things that arent well above its intended use in strength. The mten stand takes well over 12hrs to make.  I've tried many revisions in size and build time/weight. It simply cannot be rushed to achieve proper results. I am picky about filament material. I don't waste my time on crap, neither should you!

Obviously these are designed to accomodate the gorgeous RollNZ covers without  issue. The 7 shown on very left are of Polyethelene Terephthalate Copolymer (petg) of primarily Kodak brand. Petg handles summer blacktop heat a little more gracefully than pla+. The stands on the right are of Polylactic Acid (pla+) of primarily Kodak. Pla+ is a rigid material that is corn based and proves a little more eco friendly in manufacture and disposal. Both are exceptionally strong and far more than adequate for this usage. Petg tends to be a little more transclucent in color with a little more flexibility. Looking for candy colors? Petg is the obvious choice. Don't let the pictures fool you, these colors are amazing. The neon green, neon yellow and neon orange, almost seem to glow! The translucent petg colors are simply mesmerizing. All mten stands come with vinyl decals for the "mten riders association" and a pair of power caps of your choice. Dont forget to check out my custom t-shirts and visit RollNZ for a cover!

Gotway Men3 Stands w/power caps














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