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Hi and welcome.

You can learn on any EUC, but many start with a cheaper one as it might take some beating. You could also consider getting the one you want and put some protection on it while learning.

As for purchasing: If there are no importers / local shops you can try aliexpress, which has many sellers.

i hope you can find one, it’s great fun.

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IMO any of the Inmotion V5/8 series will do you well to learn on. If its Gotway, then the MCM5v2 is excellent value & brings very good performance. As @null mentioned, Ali stores will be the best option if there's no local resellers.

All other makes/models will be up to you. Some start with one of the above mentioned, others start with one of the high(er) end wheels as well. But regardless of what & which wheel, ensure you don't forget about protection gear. 

O & welcome to the hobby👍

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As long as you pick a REAL wheel that has enough battery to keep you safe at your weight, you cant go wrong. People learn on tiny mtens and big ole shermans. If you KNOW you will figure this out and refuse to believe that defeat is an option, I'd steer you towards a 16-18" model with as much battery as you can afford. Pad it up and youll likely get the hang of it before you destroy it. If you are just wanting to test the waters and arent SURE youll keep at it, theres many lesser priced models to choose. Still, don't sabatoge yourself by going cheaper than you have to. I started on a ks18L and its still my favorite wheel. Ip put a cover on it and it took a beating for a couple weeks, still looks new. The main thing is.. pick one, buy it and get started. Once you catch the disease, youll be looking for more no matter what you get first.

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