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LED rings half illuminated - FIXED, WITH TIPS


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Hi Guys,

Both sides (left and right) each have a dark LED strip on one side.  Removing the light rings and holding them with the outer shiny display surface upwards, it's the left strip in both modules.  (When installed, the left back and the front right are dark.)

I've plugged each LED strip into both possible connectors, and the connection coming from the motherboard seems good, as both #1 and #2 plugs will illuminate the working LED in each module.  I think that safely rules out the circuit board as a possible problem.

The dark LED flickers for a milisecond when plugged in, but then goes dark.

Both strips failed at the same point in time.


Does anybody have a suggestion of what would've caused this?  Is it the led strip itself or something else I'm not thinking of?




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For the curious:

The Ninebot circuit board damaged the first lamp on each LED strip, rendering the rest of the strip inoperable.  Upon searching for a replacement light strip, I found this excellent electronics site that explained a possible fix:

https://www.pololu.com/product/2547  If the strip does get damaged, it is often just the first LED that is broken; in such cases, cutting off this first segment and resoldering the connector to the second segment brings the strip back to life.

I did this, cutting the first LED off and re-soldering the leads to the newly cut connector.  Works!  Took only 20 minutes to do the job and the only difference is that those light strips have one fewer light... pretty easy if you ask me.  I'm still going to buy some replacement led strip from the Pololu site just for fun if I want to restore the full length.



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Good job.  

I've worked with these strips before on different projects and was going to look at what type of RGBs the Ninebot uses but you found out first.  Cutting the first off just means that the last LED of the string now doesn't exist but in the case of the Ninebots, this would be imperceptible.

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