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U.S. Dealers?


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Is there anyone else out there having a hard time finding dealers in the U.S?  A lot of the shippers on Amazon and Ebay are overseas, and many of the reviewers say that their packages arrive with ripped off labels, missing instructions, etc.  Are there any owners in the U.S. who could shed some light on this, or who could recommend some good dealers for various brands? 

I should also mention that i am mostly interested in the Gotway MSuper 18. IPS (probably 151), or a ninebot one E+, but any info from EU owners in the U.S. about their experience with specific dealers would be great on this thread.

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1 hour ago, esaj said:

Meh, actually noticed that @johnc415 is missing from the list, he sells Gotway, IPS and Huanxi in US and has been quite active in the forums usually... :mellow:

Totally overlooked this great thread from esaj. answered most of my questions.  http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/458-where-to-buy-incomplete-reseller-list/

Sorry moderators.

Thanks again.  Just sent him a private message.  

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