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Ks s18 black for repair/parts (Montréal, Quebec)

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So I bought this s18 already with a defective board, which EUCO kindly provided warranty and sent me a new board. 

I was able to put it back, but wow what an hassle having to fully dismantle the wheel only to replace a board!  

It balanced and worked, but it was two days before Christmas and thus I didn't use it for two weeks. In fact I didn't even ride it one day..

Two days ago I wanted to give it a try, and it didn't start. Weird. I unplugged the batteries and put them back , pressed the power and it jolted.. a spark near the capacitors. 

So I guess it it's dead again now and I don't know if EUCO will be willing to provide yet another board.. and I'm not sure I want to mess again in disassembling it all again ..

So that's the situation. I'll wait for them to see if they can help me again. I assure I did the installation right, but anyway.

If anyone is interested let me know how much you're willing to offer.

The wheel has scratches and I broke a part of the top cover while removing it.






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Sorry. No response yet from EUCO. 

I hope they could send me a new board again. As I installed the other correctly, but it burned for some reason...

I'll try a follow up today

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