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Ninebot One Stand


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Hey everyone, new to the forum and to the Ninebot One community. I have to tell you guys living up here in Hollywood with the hills I was hoping that the little guy would be perfect for getting up and down the hills to run quick errands and it does everything I was hoping it would do. It will even go up Whitley which if you live in the area you know how steep this famous street is. I was trying to find a stand for it and ended up buying from Guitar Center a stand called the On Stage Stands it was around $25.00 us and it works amazing. It basically rests on the wheel and the pad for your legs. It also folds up easy too. Just thought I would share it in case you are looking for a sturdy stand to house your Ninebot One. 


Merry Christmas, G~

Ninebot One

Ninebot One.jpg

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Welcome to the forums!

I was thinking of getting the one from ninebot, turns out I never felt something missing. I park it on a wall for charging and thats sufficient for my needs, but thanks nonetheless for the share! :)


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I'm getting this one (it comes in a 2 pack for $20)


Of note, this one does NOT work (had one for a guitar. The EU just makes it spin and tip over):


Also saw these even cheaper options:



But the cheapest option of all is: keep the box the EU comes in. There is usually foam in the bottom that matches the shape of the tire, cut the box at the level of this bottom foam, and you have a stand. (albeit a flammable one...) With all the hoverboard fires, I'm thinking of getting a metal locker to put my EUs in when they go to sleep for the night.



box stand.jpg

A metal locker like this one:


I suppose a gun safe would do. (not to compare EUs to guns :) )

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I've bought a few of these stands, a few for home and one at work. The MSuper3 is a bit too big but still workable, but for the Inmotion V5 it works superb.

AmazonBasics Guitar Folding A-Frame Stand for Acoustic and Electric Guitars https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018FCZKR2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apap_KU78JSIF4wTOl

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On 4/25/2017 at 9:48 AM, adamo said:

@Villac what did you think of the stands today you bought?

Stands work well, @adamo . The 14 inch tg fits snugly. The 16 in. Ips will topple if I put it in wrong. The msuper won't settle in without being precarious. Some times the rubber tubes and end caps come off the wire arms, but are easy to put back on. 


Late response, but I hope it helps!


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Love that DIY seat for the Msuper, bloody brilliant! do the tail lights work?

i think that deserves a couple more photos and maybe even a video of you cruising on it ......


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