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E+ won't turn on!


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It's been working for a few days, and is running 1.3. This evening I tried to turn it on to do a quick practice ride, but when I pushed the power button the motor pulsed to pull it straight, it beeped, and the light ring turned on, then it just went dead. Nothing, no beeps or lights. I did a forum search and based on previous posts I disconnected and reconnected the battery, then tried again. Beep and lights, then completely dead again. I tried disconnecting three times and it finally started working, but now 30 minutes later it did it again. I did a visual inspection of the main board and I didn't see any damaged circuitry. 

Any Ideas? 

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Update! I think there is a wire loose on the battery because when it won't turn on I shake the whole euc left to right and then set it down and it let's me turn it on.  No shutdowns while riding, though. My current theory is that a partial connection is increasing resistance enough to prevent the bms from seeing enough voltage to start.

Can I slice off part of the plastic cover on the battery to check the connections without voiding my warranty? 

2 hours ago, SlowMo said:

This would be the second firmware 1.3.0 reported casualty.

The jury is still out. Possible. 

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