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Hoverboard, all lights on.


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Hi. I got a hoverbord. It worked fine but one day I was trying to calibrate it and I think I messed it up. Now my all lights on and I can't do anything with it. I disconnected the battery for reset, no luck, No any reaction, just all lights on.

I need your help to resolve my problem.

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Thanks for reply, But as I said when I push the button on the all board lights are on in the same time. And when I pushed button on and hold it 5 and more seconds, nothing change just one beep and lights still on, no any flashing lights.

Any other idea?

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2 hours ago, esqueue said:

The resetting procedure have ruined a few boards. I've seen a few people on youtube complain about it and the same thing happened to mine a few minutes ago. It had another issue but resetting completely destroyed it. 

You guys need to buy one or two Balance Sensors if you can't put it in myGybo.com will do it for you with their hoverboard repair service! Enjoy

2 hours ago, Andriy said:

Do you think we need a New motherboard?


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Hi, Andriy! I would recommend you to turn to a specialist for an advice and he could also fix the problem if it's needed. Where are you located? I can advise you to look at HireRush.com website, there is a list of different professionals, included those who provide hoverboard repairs.
In this category you can find pros who may help you with it: https://www.hirerush.com/anywhere/service/moto-bike-services
For example, here's an Ad of one of them: https://www.hirerush.com/service/2-wheel-smart-balance-electric-scooter-hoverboard-repair--parts_i25976

Hope it will help.
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