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Splash 1 eBike rider

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The one night I decided not to use my additional strobe headlight.😱

So....I bought my 1st eBike in Nov following a tumble on the Monster after hitting a fist sized rock. I wasn't hurt but the idea of falling off the Monster onto the hard surface of the road for such a minor reason was irritating. The Monster's pedal broke, the eBike was on it's way....it all seemed to be working in my favor....eVehicle wise. After 400 miles day/night on the eBike I hit a nail, punctured a tube and learned what pushing a 60 lb eBike with a flat 'fat tire' was really like. A patch over the small puncture held pressure.....I was back up as an eBike rider. I took a long and cold eBike ride to the beach. The return ride part way on the commuter rail was met several stops late with an angrily expressed objection that it was 'a motorized bicycle' requiring extra space by a bicycle rider who refused to park his bike next to mine on the train. Shortly thereafter a winter snow storm hit. Streets went snow covered. Two days later I ventured out on the still snow packed roads....Bad idea.... Knobby fat tires and stiff slushy snow pack make for a ridiculous ride. Waited another day....Decided to try a grocery run using the clear area of the wet but clear road. Not bad.....made it to the store in daylight. The return ride was just after nightfall began.....I took a side street to avoid using the narrow main road carrying lots of 30 mph traffic. My plan was to cross this main road at an intersection and proceed across it to a side street which continues closer to where I live. As I approached the intersection I slowed to a crawl in the right lane. At the same time a vehicle the size of Marty B's truck exited the main 30 mph road turning tightly left in a closer and closer arc to my position. It was clear the vehicle didn't see me or react to the reflective circular tape on the tires or to the meager headlight of the eBike. Crunch time followed with impact with his front left quarter panel. The eBike started to follow under his front tire. The noise generated aight his attention and his tire came to a stop on the rim of the rear tire.... eBike lying on its side. My R ankle was hurt, my shoe off and I sat partially in a puddle of cold water.


He loaded the eBike onto the back of his truck, dropped it at my apartment and proceeded to the ER of the nearby hospital. We exchanged names and numbers. I  presented my new Medicare card and later received some x-rays of the foot and ankle....no bone breaks..🧐..but immense swelling of the foot bent it's shape to the side with an extra sore spot in the arch.😟 A policeman spoke to me before I left about a report he would file and make available. 😎 A call to the driver produced a ride back to my apartment. He carried the 60 lb eBike (less the battery) up my exterior staircase to the enclosed porch and left. Several days later the swelling is coming down, my foot wears a plastic boot and crutches fit under my armpits for serious hobbling between rooms. Food was made possible by the Instacart app with door to door delivery in 5 hours. Follow up scheduling with a podiatrist 🧐happens the first week in January. The eBike has some repairable issues.

Crash 12-19-20

1_Disk brake replacement:



T25 Torx wrench

Salem Cycles

'Park Tool'

Hex, Torx, 4mm, 5mm, T25 TorX


2_Replace Right crank



Bicycle grease

8mm Allen wrench

8mm bit & torque wrench

Pedal wrench

Square taper crank puller

Salem Cycles

'Park Tool'


3_RadRunner headset adjustment



5mm Allen wrench

5mm Allen bit & torque wrench

4_Rear wheel removal:



4mm Allen wrench

4mm bit & torque wrench

18mm wrench

Zip ties

5_Pedal replacement



Salem Cycles


6_Grip replacement


7_bash guard

Check with RadPower bikes or rebend

8_front (and rear inner tube)

Note1: check front tire for rim cuts

Note2: use delivered inner tube





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So.....I wasn't diagnosed with a repaireable foot injury until Jan/Feb by an orthopedic surgeon. It's called a Lisfranc mid foot dislocation. Mid March surgery set out to realign the front part of the foot disallowing the use of a normal shoe. The boney protrusion (R foot) is a dislocated metatarsal. Two '110 mm nails' and some staples realigned the foot in a fusion type surgery. Rehab PT focuses on rebuilding strength, reducing swelling (kind of chronic with daily use) and increasing range of ankle rotation. Partial weight bearing was started a few weeks ago. Walking boot and crutches are a must until maybe later this month. 



Lying on my back for several weeks and chair sitting more recently has given me ample time to learn more chess via chess.com lessons plan. My chess puzzle solving skills have improved a lot. 

Chess puzzles

Big dip during May was day 1 of PT.

My game playing skills run hot and cold but I've won the last few 'Rapid' matches. 

Rapid chess -recent


I should play more matches but I dislike losing when I know I need to learn more to be competitive (beginner - low rank)

Recently I've been watching YouTube and Twitch tv channels for, Gothamchess, Botezlive, Anna Rudolf, Hikaru Nakamura (L.A. based) and Ben Finegold.

Walking a block or more is a chore, stairs going down are a step at a time. 

I guess it'll be a few months before any big improvements. The town served me a jury duty notice recently....it should be interesting. 

Groceries courtesy of InstaCart home delivery.

Monster broke a pedal in December 2020.....I'm neither talented not strong in the tap out frozen pedal bolt task. 


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You would think that with power steering drivers could crank their wheel the extra 5 degrees to avoid these violent engagements with others.

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Hey Bob, missed reading your very lengthy and valuable contributions.

On 6/3/2021 at 1:33 AM, Bob Eisenman said:

Monster broke a pedal in December 2020.....I'm neither talented not strong in the tap out frozen pedal bolt task.

Hey Gotway/Bedode/Monster forum members in the Northeast - could help you please help a brother out with this repair?


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