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S18 suspension rebound adjustment knob is stuck

Gabriel Germino

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Can someone please answer this young man’s question? He is my sons buddy and a neighbor of ours. I don’t know how to answer it. He just got this wheel from Jason a few days ago. 

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The rebound adjustment stiffness shouldn't be effected by how high the air pressure is. You should be able to adjust it with the shock fully pressurized. 


When I first got mine I couldn't get it to turn either, it was just a case of fat fingers not able to get a grip in the small space. Once I found the right angle to get in there it would move.


Worse case take out the shock and try to free it up by hand. Just before you go using any tools on it, make sure you're not right up against either end of the adjustment. Forcing it the wrong way would be bad.

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55 minutes ago, Tawpie said:

“If it doesn’t work, force it. If it breaks, it needed fixing anyway.”

This is very bad advice. 🤭

And if that doesnt work, get a bigger hammer!   Seriously tho... @jammen pretty much summed it up.

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If you can purchase/ borrow a set of plastic auto body trim removal tools you might be able to pry (nudge) the dial cw/ccw. You’ll probably need to grind the plastic pry tool(s)  to adequately fit inside the dial’s channel.

Do you know which direction it’s currently bottomed out? 



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