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Ips T260+

Gary Wu

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Hi all,  just trying to learn something new and take on unicycling.  I got myself a Ips T260+ as my first learning wheel.  I will like to ask what is the different between comfort and sport mode as I could see these 2 functions when I using the ips Bluetooth apps.

 Is it true that I have to travel for 100km before the 30km/hr option is available to me?

 I had just upgrade it to 4.0.2 if I am not wrong. Will there be any " sudden death"  issues? 

Can someone actually guide me how to do the calibration thing which is available in the ips app?

Pardon about the nookie questions. 

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Hello, and welcome!

Theoretically, comfort mode is a little more relaxed, allowing the device to tilt a little more before the motor responds. Sport mode is supposed to react a little quicker. I always leave it in sport mode, just in case I need to brake/accelerate suddenly. In reality I don't detect much of a difference between them.

If your unicycle was manufactured after September 2015 you should be able to increase the maximum speed to 30km/h. Before September, IPS either used a different motor and/or a different control board that doesn't support 30km/h, and you'll be stuck with 20km/h max. speed.

IPS hasn't had a problem with updates, so you should be fine updating.

You shouldn't have to calibrate the device! If you really need to, instructions are provided in the app.

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I think this is a very good unicycle to chose as your learning unicycle! :) haha.

If I was you I wouldn't unlock the 30km/h before getting to 100km and I'd hope that when I get there it will be unlocked ;) 

I wish you the best of luck!

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