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MCM5 V2 knobby options?

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Hey guys, I just ordered the MCM5 V2 for use a my primary winter wheel. Being that, a knobby would seem more ideal than the standard road tire. Anyone has done such & have experience with knobbies that will fit?

Would this fit?- https://www.amazon.ca/Wingsmoto-2-50x10-Knobby-2-5-10-SDG107/dp/B07JMSQ6SM/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=motorcycle+tire+250+-+10+10x2.5&qid=1608332206&sr=8-6


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I'd say it would work but I have no experience with it, I looked at the clearance between my tire and shell on my V2 and it looks to be around 3-4mm on each side, the side knobs don't stick out much on the one you picked out so that will help, plus with that generous lug spacing, it should do a good job at self cleaning, wish I had experience with it, it looks like a good candidate.

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No clue, but you might wanna investigate real tires, not cheap Chinese ones, considering there are a bunch of legit options at that size. Plus, BikeBandit will answer questions on real outer diameter; my 3" MCM5 mod required quite a bit of cutting the undershell edges with a Bridgestone HOOP measuring a true 15.5"-ish outer diameter, just about at the limit of free spin. Either way, you'll probably need to Dremel off a little under-shell, as the lower corners of the MCM5 undershell (not so much the top) tend to catch on bigger tire diameters.



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25 minutes ago, btl said:

Since i love the CST C-186 ("the Sherman tire") on my MSX, i did order a CST C-183A in 2.50-10 size for my newly arrived MCM5 V2. I'll mount it as soon it arrives and report.

All right! Please let us know how that goes. IIRC the Sherm knobby has decently thick rubber on the knobs so it might be good enough to screw in some studs for real ice riding.

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Alright, here we go:


i had to remove 3mm of material of the inner shell front and rear: before


and after rework:


As soon the tire was properly aligned on its rim, no scrubbing whatsoever.

Race on!


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@btl that's a sweet setup. I'm gonna do that on my M5. Not sure I can get the CST tires here but I'll put knobbies of some kind. I've no doubt it'll do great offroad so let us know how it handles on streets v the ori tires. Thanks bud.

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Here come my first riding impressions: on tarmack, its humming like a swarm of mutant killer bees, what was to be expected.

On gravel, gras, sand paths even if soaky wet and muddy, traction is just unbelievable better than the stock tire, like cheating!

When it comes to turning, different story. There is much less gyro effect which the rider has to adapt to. Also i think that might change when the knobbies wear down in the middle over time. Also, i need to play with different pressures. 35 psi felt too hard, and the wheel was very twitchy. 25psi felt better for control ability, but for me as a 100kg rider i just think its too low. I'll give the tire at least 200km before a final judgement, but if handling doesn't improve (or i in fact totally adapt to the new handling), i'll switch to another tire or back to stock for summer.


Stay safe and keep riding,


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