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Low profile but effective knee and elbow guards

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Hello all,

I'm looking for knee and elbow guards that can be worn on their own or under clothes. I'd like something that isn't too hot for the summer and am a bit afraid of regular skate knees and elbows moving around to expose my skin if I slide on pavement. In the colder weather winter I wear some discrete moto jeans and a moto hoodie. I have a mesh jacket for warmer weather  but looking ahead to hot 90f/30c+ days I'd like to just wear some pads, a shirt, and shorts.

I was looking at these elbow and knee guards from GForm that are CE rated but It seems like the pads or thread might just get shredded in a slide. Anybody use them?

I don't like the armored look for regular riding as I think it might make people think my wheel is more dangerous than it is so Leatt Dual Axis and the like are out for me even though those seem to offer the best protection.

I'd not want to spend over 200 for the whole set but I don't think that should be too limiting.

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