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Snowy icy winter riding....


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Hey guys. I haven't ridden in over a week. IT SUCKS! The roads can be dry and ice/snow free, yet there are no road sides or sidewalks to use. Drivers here are mostly clueless and/or sometimes obnoxious. I have my Nik+ and my V8 charged and waiting. Besides moving back to SoCal, near Marty, how can I get safe riding happening? I've thought about using a much lower tire pressure, but worry about rim damage. Can any of you riders, especially winter riders, suggest something? Peace from wintery Maine...Guy

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The winter of 2017/2018 was the last time I waited around for months without riding. I just couldn’t take it anymore! Luckily there are tires for 18” EUCs that make them suitable for winter riding without much sacrifice in grip. Unfortunately the 16” EUCs don’t. For those a motocross/minicross tire is the best one can do in terms of the rubber itself.

While screw-in studs require a decent amount of work, they are worth it if you live in an area of longer periods of constant snow and ice. Especially on tires that are not designed for snow and ice.

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I would not rely on getting to work on your euc, last winter and during a holiday (buses don't run) I tried to get to work and the main roads 'fine' but way too busy (no side road clearance), the side roads I take were all heavily roughed up with all types of snow and ice...I didn't get to work....

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