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GotWay charging questions

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I know the battery packs continue to charge for a 'little' while after the Charger LED turns green but should it continue for 3 hours after (and still going)?  If not, what would cause it to do this?

Also, do the small components (the 16 rows of transistors, resistors, etc) on the BMS normally get too hot to touch?  If not, what would cause it to do this?

Does GotWay use the same values for all of the components on the BMS for the 170Wh pack (16SP1) as they do on the 340Wh pack (16SP2)?

Here's the results from the Charge Doctor:

  9:37     66.7V    0.54A     0.0Wh
  9:45     67.4V   0.44A    5.0Wh
  9:53    67.5V     0.38A     8.7Wh
 10:01    67.5V    0.33A    11.9Wh
 10:09    67.5V    0.27A    14.8Wh
 10:15    67.5V    0.26A    16.5Wh   LED on Charger turns green
 10:19    67.5V    0.25A    17.6Wh
 10:27    67.5V    0.24A    19.6Wh
 10:36    67.5V    0.22A    22.0Wh
 10:44  67.5V    0.21A    23.9Wh
 10:53  67.5V    0.20A    26.0Wh
 11:02    67.6V    0.20A    28.1Wh
 11:10     67.5V   0.19A    29.9Wh
 11:17    67.6V    0.19A    31.3Wh
 11:24    67.5V    0.19A    32.8Wh
 11:56    67.5V    0.17A    39.4Wh
 12:13  67.6V     0.17A    42.5Wh
 12:21    67.6V    0.17A    44.1Wh
 12:29    67.6V    0.17A    45.5Wh
 12:39    67.6V    0.17A    47.6Wh
 12:47  67.6V    0.17A    49.0Wh
 12:56  67.6V    0.17A    50.8Wh
 13:04    67.6V    0.17A    52.3Wh
 13:15  67.6V    0.17A    54.4Wh
 13:24    67.6V    0.17A    56.1Wh



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14 hours ago, zlymex said:

Yes, battery packs continue to "charge" for as long as the charger is in power. In another world, the charging current will be approach to a small but none zero value. The reason for this is the BMS balancing circuit which consume certain amount of current at charge end. It is my suggestion to charge this way(continue to charge 3 hours after the Charger LED turns green) once every week so that the batteries remain balanced.

I am afraid to let my charger stay after the light turns green after hearing these news about exploding hoverboards while charging. How do we keep an eye to prevent this from happening?

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Well at least it now seems like Water can be used to put out Lithium Ion fires? Seems like they previously said water wouldn't work but that may only be the case for Lithium metal.

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