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no bluetooth connection


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42 minutes ago, BA-B8 said:

I don't know of any ninebotters near me but I just tried some friends mobiles which are very new and neither of their phones can see it so I'm sure it's faulty.  Regarding Banggoods support.  They're not even answering my emails.  I got one email from them after my initial complaint and they said sorry to hear you want to exchange and to send a photo of the SN sku and a video of the problem.  I did so and tried to keep the language simple but still nothing after 2 days so if they're not going to deal with me I'll just invoke the credit card purchase protection to dispute this transaction.

The iPhone 6 you tried should connect no problem.  I will admit, mine (iPhone) took a few tries at first (almost 10 tries) when I first powered it on, before I updated the Firmware.  After the 1.3 update (Done before ever riding it), it has connected quickly every time.  I use an iPhone 6s Plus.  Now, on 1.3 Firmware, I also connect with a Galaxy S4 no problem.

Yeah, I don't use the BangGood email system unless I'm specifically asked to (Sending Photos or Videos).  I go to the site and log in, then use the Chat Feature.  Normally, I get connected right away.  They don't always have the answer I'm looking for, but at least I'm not wondering if they've even read my email or not.  Literally my only issue with them so far was getting my TG F3 battery replacement, and that was because their stock was depleted and it took a while to get more from TG.  On another occasion, they ran out of stock on a HoverBoard, but they refunded me the same day it was noticed.

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