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Saved by my biker jacket and knee pads

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48 year old novice rider.

this goes to anyone who is sceptical about using protection.

today I was out with my 11 year old who has taken to it like a duck to water.

I was in my first 5 mins of riding and went arse over tit at about 10mph and wiped out with zero pain thanks to my biker jacket helmet and knee pads 

on landing I knew just what body parts were saved by the gear.

shoulder knees elbow and hands all saved by Skate and MC gear.

just saying 

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Awesome story! In my books, there's no such thing as too much gear, only too much pain & grief (masochists excepted😅).

We may not be able to prevent nor even avoid accidents but we can sure as 'ell reduce the impact of such events. Wearing gear maybe the only proactive & critical thing we can do. Good for you👍

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12 hours ago, ShanesPlanet said:

AND you were put in danger by standing on an euc B)

just sayin

 *grats on the new hobby! 10mph within first 5minutes, quite impressive. Of course, first crash within 5 minutes... maybe related? RIde naked, more incentive to not fall, and less urge to push your limits. Makes for interesting video as well!


It was the forst 5 mins of the day lol not my first 5 mins on an EUC.

It was probably within my first few hours. We did the training myself and my son in the local park with a railing for fall back, by the end of the forst few days we could ride around the park and cause the brakes to come on so I think it was just a dodgy day.

Never the less - the point still stands - wear your gear !


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I crashed my MSP that had less than 10 miles on it and have all my gear on saved me. I got a wobble and fell backwards had on hip pads or it would have been really bad can't wear too many pads. MSP had to go in for repairs as it bounced 20 feet down the road. Just ordered a Sherman I learned a lot from that crash. Was planning to get a second wheel that sped everything up.

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