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EVA Foam Fitted Padding (KS14


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Tonight I made a form-fitted padding for a friend's KingSong 14" using Anti-Fatigue floor mats (aka EVA foam):  http://www.harborfreight.com/anti-fatigue-foam-mat-set-4-pc-61607.html

I used a heat gun to shape the foam, and hot glue to join the two halves at the seam. It's a tight slip-on fit, no adhesive required. One cover uses one full tile, so each package has enough for 4 covers. I think manufacturers should ship their eWheels with something like this, and have the option to buy replacement pads as needed.



With Trolley Handle


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Great protection for the wheel for beginners and easily removable.

Great idea. I have always said that wetsuit neoprene material available in patches from most dive shops would work in a similar way.

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