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I Broke My Thigh Bone At Around 10-15KMH (6-9MPH)

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On 11/20/2020 at 5:02 PM, amelanso said:

 To me it takes a ton of balls to post a tragic story like this (where @nalds admits to being at least partially to blame for someone's death). I am quite astonished by the amount of flame @nalds has gotten (liar,troll,misleading title,etc.). It seems to me that the aim of a forum like this is to encourage open exchange of info/ideas, fellowship, and possible connecting of localised riders heretofore unknown to one another. IMO the posts that should be moderated are the ones that are overly disrespectful or clearly deceitful. Branding @nalds as a liar/troll or castigating him ( for the title, omissions,etc )  seems excessively harsh given the paucity of evidence invoked to malign him and the tragic nature of his tale (which is ultimately of benefit to all of us!). Forgive yourself @nalds - and thx for sharing. Ignore the noise. We cannot change what is done, only what we do next...

No one likes what they see: OP posted their story, to assuage their feelings of guilt (proven with nalds own words), downplayed their role, but ended up confessing guilt by letting it slip that he saw the poor old woman from far away, yet did not slow down for her <== Those two things are what makes us mad about the whole situation, no one likes being lied to or used as an emotional tampon. If the guy told the story accurately, I don't think there would be so much rebuttal in the thread, but with each passing post from OP, he reveals more and more of what actually happened. Hopefully a Jakartan prosecutor is seeing all this.


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46 minutes ago, buell47 said:

I do not want to interfere and judge what is wrong and what is right.

I am only interested in where do so many as..oles suddenly come from? :efef19744a:

you are partly to blame - the dual charger mob has sadly taken off :-( If only someone had your 2x charger mop to clean this s!*t up!!!


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11 hours ago, TheMasterSword said:

yet did not slow down

Read again. From the very first post:


On 11/14/2020 at 10:47 AM, nalds said:

That morning, we rode slowly & carefully.


I knew that with my speed everything's gonna be alright.


I tried slowing down and braking but she didn't move.


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On 11/21/2020 at 10:41 AM, nalds said:


@amelanso this noon, my gf instructed our driver to go to the supermarket which was right across where the accident happened, I almost puked.

I tried contacting the relatives of the old lady, asking if I could come over to their place. I wanted to apologize & clear my conscience. However due to the Covid-19 situation, they wouldn't receive any guests yet.

I must find another way to clear my conscience.

The family could be angry. It could get violent.  Speaking to a professional may be helpful.

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On 11/23/2020 at 8:05 PM, Ubute said:



Again I feel there is a cultural gulf in evidence here. Why would it get violent? This is Indonesia, not America. This is not an individualist gun culture with violence seen as the first and inevitable solution to every problem. Gotham, isn't that where Batman comes from? I'm far from expert, but I don't think Indonesia shares the cultural trope of masked vigilanties taking the law into their own hands and killing baddies. For all their faults and difficulties with "modernisation", Indonesians are far more likely to negotiate a socially acceptable solution between aggrieved parties than to resort to violence.

I've just had a long conversation with a friend who lived in Indonesia for many years to check that I'm being fair and reasonable in my responses here. He said of course there are all types of people in Indonesia, just as there are in America and the west. There are criminal villages and mafia type organisations. If the EUC rider had hit someone from one of those places he'd probably be dead already. But he isn't, and by far the most likely outcome will be a protracted negotiation through layers of community leaders resulting in some sort of financial settlement. My friend points out that there are eight layers of government in Indonesia, right down to village heads or elders who might be in charge of as few as 40 families. Nobody would just knock on the door of the woman's family, they would approach through the village heirarchy. In Indonesia any emotional outburst or display of anger is seen as serious loss of face and just doesn't happen. Road rage as it occurs in the west is virtually non-existent in Indonesia.

My friend agreed that anyone crossing the road takes their life in their hands and is expected to keep going steadily, but he also pointed out that in the chaos of Indonesian traffic, the one rule, the only rule that really counts, is don't hit anyone.

Regarding speaking to a "professional", I'm not sure who this would be in the Indonesian context. Negotiations might involve local leaders and extended family members. An incident like this might be seen more in a community context than as a legal battle between individuals. We should never assume "the rest of the world" will see things as "we" do.

The final point that my wise friend made was why am I getting involved in an on-line discussion about this stuff?  Don't I know that you can't "win" arguments in forums and chat rooms? Don't I realise there will always be people who want to blame and criticise, who view the world from an ignorant, self-centred or even xenophobic perspective? I myself have just indulged in an offensive generalisation about America being a violent gun culture. Here in Tasmania I can almost hear the roar of disapproval from all those millions of Americans who don't feel that way.

Isn't this supposed to be an EUC geek forum, my friend asked.

I really like my new dual-axis knee guards...

Damn bro... You really should have a mic in your hand so you can just wink, drop dat bitch and walk off like a baller.  :efee6b18f3:

Glad you like the knee guards!

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20 hours ago, ShanesPlanet said:

Damn bro... You really should have a mic in your hand so you can just wink, drop dat bitch and walk off like a baller.  :efee6b18f3:

Glad you like the knee guards!

As an Australian I don't get the slang but I'm accepting it as a compliment! Thanks, Shane.

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