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Forget pads. We need clipless pedals!

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Just saw this thread & I gotta say its very interesting indeed. One idea would be to jury rig a snowboard binding on the pedals & have an easy access quick unlock (I'll leave it to the Doc Brown's to figure this out). IMO its definitely gonna be better than any power pads if the foot's locked in.

If the dismount mechanism can be solved, the only other issue is in the event of an unintended faceplant & if the unlock mechanism malfunctions, would more damage be incurred with the wheel locked in to the foot/boot rather than not.

Regardless, interesting idea for sure. The only request I have is for the person who's gonna trial this (with any method) would be to please have someone video this so we can share ­čśü

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3 words : Very Bad Idea 

Sorry reality is against you deal with it.

Beleve me and my angels i survived 50Km/h+ faceplant.( Angels say no clip please!)

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Not my thing, but please try on your own wheel. Maybe start by cutting the toe section off of a large steel toe boot and bolting it to a single pedal (kind of like a SB/WB binding). I don't want to see any riders get hurt, be safe while testing (and use a light wheel, lol).

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