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How To: Veteran Sherman Firmware Update

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On 11/8/2020 at 2:11 PM, The Dude said:

Thank you for putting this video together, and I dig the beautiful PRS as your Avatar on YouTube. It looks like mine. ;)

Thank you for the kind words. 👍🏻 By the way check out Vaughn Skow pickups. His pups sound amazing in my PRS. https://www.vaughnskow.com


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Thx for the video! Just did mind but when putting back the BT module, I realized too late it only has 4 pins vs 5 for the upgrade module.

Not too sure on where to plug the 4 pins in the 5 hole connector...

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So that chip talks something something serial to the motherboard where normally the HC05 module is located and kicks off a flash.

Is there no way to flash new firmware with a standard USB->Serial (RX/TX/5V/GND) ?

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I guess it should be technically possible, even the BT chip could probably communicate that to the board, but Veteran don’t seem interested in sharing a file with the firmware.

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Speaking of firmware updates:
A guy over at the French forum had the EUCs mileage (kilometrage) counter go back to 0 after updating to 1056. Mine kept count. Anybody know what's up other than a random software reset? Anything to be done?

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