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On 11/4/2020 at 8:50 AM, xiiijojjo said:

I'm sorry i'm just not interested in in going 20km/h to ride legally. Also if a ban happens, as long as i can still order these euc to my country i can still ride them as long as i don't allow them to stop me so in any case as long as i never allow myself to be stopped i can ride indefinitely however fast i'd like. 

If they allowed me to register this vehicle and get a licence instead to ride it legally on the roads i would in a heartbeat but they didn't so they'll just have to deal with me 'til they do.. But honestly i don't care either way crime is only an issue if you are caught you know;)

" as long as i never allow myself to be stopped," OMG... not sure what to think about this line of thought. Running from the COPS is never a good idea. I don't care what country you live in.

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You seem to know what the law is yet you broke it in front of a policeman - and you seem to be complaining about getting off with only a warning??? And you totally set yourself up for the over 25mph t

What is this grade school? But but... the other people do it..  Hearing that childish excuse runs over me like cold water. As long as you're in the road, you have to abide by traffic law.   - Mak

just have fun being a criminal. Anyone who rides an euc in a country that has outlawed them, should do just that. Accept that its criminal and practice having fun trying to NOT get caught   You know 

5 hours ago, Scottie888 said:

Where I'm at, EUCs are as common as 🛸 so I try not to attract attention to myself. In general, I try to be polite & slow down for pedestrians (esp mom's with kids), ride on bike paths/lanes as much as I can & not flout the law abandonedly (& definitely NOT infront of the Man) nor cause any dangerous traffic situations.

In general, I behave much like a cyclist. I nod/hand wave to oncoming traffic on the paths, I always wave in appreciation to motorized traffic when they stop to give me the right of way & I never behave like an a**hole.

I've never been hassled by the cops nor have I given them any reason/s to. If stopped by the Man, I guess I could run but why? While its possible, cops have a job & its not to hassle the public. To them, we're likely akin to cyclists so follow the traffic laws as a cyclist & there'll be no need to fear them. If we must run lights, then do it when there's no traffic as I'm sure none of us want to get runover either.

IOW behave like a human being & others will treat us like so. Behave like a sh*^head & others will treat us similarly. Its just that simple.

:thumbup: This is the attitude all EUC riders should have. I do the exact same and make sure to stop and talk to curious people and explain what I'm riding, including police.

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