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With a special thought to members who were looking for a solution in this topic  even if it is not completely compatible, it can give you ideas for your projects.

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Today, November 1, 2020, Segway Ninebot China is launching a crowdfunding campaign on TAOBAO Crowdfunding, for its new kart at the starting price of 1399 yuan (market price 1499 yuan) or 179 euros-192 euros $ 209 -224 $.

The Mecha Kart kit

Inspired by a Mecha fighting anime, it is dedicated to multiplayer entertainment both indoors and outdoors. Indeed, it is equipped with two joysticks, used simultaneously, their use activates the kart, then each joystick is used to orient the direction of the kart. Equipped with lasers, integrated sound effects, the Mecha Kart kit offers, like the Nano, a vocal tutorial for beginners, and a bluetooth music playback function. It can be controlled remotely.

The app offers the same options for controlling and customizing lighting, speed mode, etc. In addition to a Game mode.

Compatible with the Nano (CN only), Mini S (N3M240) and Mini S Custom (CN only), Mini Pro and Mini PLUS (planned for 2021) models, it will not be compatible with the classic and sport versions of the new MAX.

The specs


Complete vehicle size (length * width * height): 922mm * 688mm * 540mm; frame size after disassembly (length * width * height): 922mm * 680mm * 303mm

36 inch*27inch*21inch - 36*26*12

The net weight of the frame is about 12 kg. 4.4lb

The maximum load is 100 kg. 220lb

The applicable height is 110-180cm.



About 14 km / h (depending on the different model, the maximum speed varies) 8.6mph

Maximum speed limit for beginners: 6 km / h, 3.7mph

reverse speed: 3 km / h, 1.8mph

charging time of the kit battery: about 3 h,

auxiliary wheel size, 5 inch universal wheel,

suitable for ages 14 and up


Small concern that I see, concerning its compatibility with the Mini PLUS: many owners of Mini Plus cannot remove the Steering Bar, I myself have difficulty removing it.

The optional kickstand hook is perfect for removing the steering bar

To see the exclusive photos it's in the Google album below (remember: I have no more space to post the photos so I publish them in a google album)



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There are two "tricks" to removing the knee-bar on the S-Plus/miniPLUS. The first trick is to put some lubricant (grease) on the metal shaft *before* you attach the knee-bar. If you haven't done that, then use this second trick for removing it: slide a thin belt behind it and pull it off by holding both ends of the belt. Personally, I use the strap from a tie-down ratchet strap. JoJo's suggestion of using the Parking Stand is an excellent idea!


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