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NB E+ dead controller and Ninebot service


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I bought my Ninebot in June from Ian (speedyfeet.uk).  Until October 21st I rode more than 750 Km and I was absolutely happy with that wheel.

But on October 21st the controller board died (Firmware 1.2.7) and the disaster took its course. (after a normal ride I switched off the bot and it would not switch on again)


Chronology of a service disaster:

October 21st.      short after the update to firmware 1.2.7 ( I missed the 1.2.6 version ) my bot died and I asked Ian what to do.

October 23rd.      after a few emails with Ian, it was clear that the controller board is defect and Ian sent a request for an exchange.

October 28th.      Ian wrote me, that a new controller board was sent out to me.

November 24th.   No board arrived and I emailed Ian and a copy of the email  to service@ninebot.com, that I didn´t get a new board .
                            On the same day Ian forwarded my complaint to Ninebot and asked  for a tracking number.
November 27th.   after more than 5 weeks a new controller board arrived:

                            shipping date Nov.23rd. 2015 !!!  (three days after the 1.2.9 Version desaster was public)
                            FIRMWARE VERSION of the  new board  1.2.9 !!!

                            I have installed the board, but update to ver. 1.3.0 or activating the board was not possible without an "unlock code".

                            I have send an email to Ian with the screenshot of the "change serial number" screen and asked for the code.

                            Same day Ian answered, that he had requested the code.

November 30th.   I asked Ian for the unlock code again

December 1st.    Ian answered that he asked Ninebot for the code on Nov. 30th. again, but there was no reply.

                            I send another email to service@ninebot.com and to boris.zhao@ninebot.cn asking for the unlock code.

December 7th.    until now no answer from Ninebot Inc. and meanwhile I am extremely annoyed.

Today December 12th. Ian from Speedyfeet.uk managed to get the code for me - and it worked :):):):):)

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I have pretty much the same experience but I've been dealing directly with Ninebot. As I have complained in other thread's, Ninebot's way to handle their services is simply bad. Imagine that they are this way with everyone, no wonder it takes several days to get an answer. They are probably just sending mails back and forward instead of just a simple form that explains all the steps and reduce the mails with 90%.

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Because it lasts sooo long to get the code from Ninebot, it could be helpful to collect the codes they send out together with the serial number from the old board and the extra code.
 May be, that we can find the algorithm how the codes are generated and that others have not to wait as long to get their bot reactivated.

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Not good to see all this - I'm yet to get a replacement board from speedy or from China!  At least I've only been out of action for 15 days so can't really complain just yet, but missing my 'alternative transport' more and more each day passing :(

I'm going to be passing close by the shop tomorrow so may call in with it and leave it there for them to get sorted for me?

BTW I've only had mine since the start of September and succumbed to the 1.2.9 fiasco!

Cheers, Richard.

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Well, as I said on the other thread, that I have received my new board within a week. He only told me to send the board in and did not give me any instruction. No problem but I asked him why he couldn't just send me the new board first so I wouldn't have any off time but he insisted that I need to show him the courier receipt before he would send me the new board. 

So, I send him a picture of my courier receipt and he told me he had sent me a new board using my chosen courier. When I asked for a tracking number I didn't get a reply for days. Then today the new board just appeared outside the door of my office! That took a total of 5 days and I think I was passed to an engineer who handles oversea customers.

I asked him if I can get activation code around 8:00pm (off work) and he said ok. Great, I reassembled the unit then sent him a couple messages with no reply. I now have enough experience dealing with them, when I ask the right question he answers. I finally sent him the correct screen cap and he sent me the code within 5 minutes! Darn!

Tested the new board for 15KM and it works fine, no more imbalance banking angle.

Tip: (1) get direct contacts from Ninebots. (2) Keep asking when they don't answer, yes, keep doing it until they answer!

Or, if you can speak Mandarin, call their customer support! Great service! I got a power supply replacement also within a week. I had them sent overseas also but I had to pay for postage!

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Finally I got the code.

More than two weeks there was no answer from Ninebot to all the emails, but today Ian from speedyfeet.uk managed it to get the "unlock" code for my replacement board.

I have changed the board with the old one (that one I repaired meanwhile) and changing the serial number worked with the code and the new boardis active.

Now I have to renew the water protection of  the repaired board where I exchanged the Mosfets.

Important Note: the serial numbers for the Ninebots are not N10 or N20 but N1O or N2O (not a zero but the letter O) !!!!!!!!

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4 hours ago, Infornix said:

Finally I got the code.

So, keep hearing about this code for unlocking the new boards - any chance of elaborating a little?  What exactly do they send you, what do you do with it - or is it to be kept secret???

Glad to hear you've got it sorted - so now you've got a spare board (repaired) also in case something goes wrong again, or will it need another 'code' ;) to work.

Really starting to miss mine now, although the weather over here in the UK lately is completely sh!te not only due to rain, but also wind (not to mention it's gone dark at just 15:30 today!!!).  Roll on January - can put up with the cold just so long as it's crisp and clear :D

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Yesterday Ian from speedyfeet.uk managed to receive an answer from Ninebot with the unlock code for my replacement board.

Here the screenshot - and it worked :)  (important: the third sign in the serial numbers is the upper-case character O and not zero)

Hope you will  get the new board and the code soon.


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