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Keep the 19.5” tire size. Please. 
I am looking for a 18+ tire 1600wh + and tested quality from Korea.
If I could design the wheel myself I would start with an aluminum frame and attach everything to it. Think dirt bike. 
Mostly, do what you do best. Build something worth having. 

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100% weather proof. Preferably ip68. So you can rinse it down as you do rinsing down a car. Not nessary high pressure water jet. 

Great braking capability. 

Easy tire service (swapping and pressure cjeck/filling) 

Season tire options (summer/winter/off-road). 

New battery technology for faster charge and discharge (spike safety) options and less weight/higher power density. 


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While we're at this bucket list thangy, @Young il KIM please try to keep the weight <70lbs (<60lbs would be phenomenal). Topend of 45mph with a safe cruising spd of 35mph down to 25% battery would be icing on the cake.

All this ~usd$2k with SKorean QC would have me (& I imagine a lot if not most of our community) laying down deposit/s for this beast. 


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  • Waterproof. You should be able to clean a wheel with a garden hose. This also implies that riding in the rain can never cause a problem. So just a properly waterproofed wheel.
    I believe the best way is to achieve this is to put each battery pack and the board into its individual waterproof box (the box also acts as protection against crash damage). Then connect the boxes with sealed cables. The shell itself can be quite open, let air through for cooling, for aesthetic reasons, etc.
    This is better than having open, unprotected battery packs and board in a shell and trying to seal every hole of the shell in order to keep the water out.
  • Thicker motor power cables. Must withstand 100A without getting hot. Make them as thick as possible.
    NO electric component other than the mosfets should ever be hot. If they are hot, they are too weak or small.
  • Keep the big mosfets and have good cooling, or make electrical components even stronger. Do not put a lot of electric components and cables into a small space.
  • Easy tire change.
  • Better braking. The firmware should distinguish between accelerating and braking, and make the braking much stronger than the acceleration.
  • Pedals high enough so they don't scrape the ground in curves and with uneven ground.
  • The bottom corners of the shell must be high enough and not hit the ground. For example, Veteran Sherman and Begode RS show too low shell corners. If you hit a curb with low tire pressure, or ride offroad, the shell corners might hit the ground.
  • Bigger battery = better:D
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1 hour ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Better braking. The firmware should distinguish between accelerating and braking, and make the braking much stronger than the acceleration.

Great reminder!!!! As mush as I appreciate the things that can be done in the software and believe that having these option are important to many or most people, Please have an option where we can turn all that $#!% off. I don't want my wheel thinking for me. Just keep those pedals level at all cost. I am a GotWay fan for that one reason. I would love KingSong but I can't stand the wheel's "calculated" motions. 

If one wheel could have several software ride options more people would be happy with that one wheel. I am not talking about the lame softness settings most wheels have. I am talking about completely different personalities. Currently we have software updated that drag everyone threw improvements that we do no want. They fixed a "problem" AND MADE THE RIDE SMOOTER. I DON'T WANT THE SMOOTING!! Let us pick the "Godway mode" the "KingSing Mode" or The best mode ever "Iron Korea mode" with or without Bake assist. 

Yeah....and everything that @meepmeepmayersaid

Also tilt options would be nice. Let us set the tilt below the beep. And Let us set the tilt movements. (fast -slow, progressive) 

On the GotWay I added a very loud beeper. It is very loud. No question about hearing it. For this reason I set the tilt below the beep. I get a gentle tilt letting me know to back off. I can ride at the edge of the tilt and only I know that I am hitting my set limit. If I miss the tilt the fog horn goes off and the whole world knows that it is time for me to back off. I really like this system. ....... You could increase the volume of the beep depending on speed and how long the beep has been going unheeded. This would have saved me from a faceplant. Little things like this do not cost very much and can really set Iron Korea apart from the rest. 

Suspension- Don't do it unless you are going to get it right. The Veteran is selling vey well 

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I agree with a lot of points here. I think suspension isn't always worth the effort. A more basic over engineered durable frame and electrics while waterproof at a lower cost is a win.  You would steal so much market share.

Not everyone wants a super fast wheel. For those that do there are many options.

Suspension could ruin sales of a solid wheel because its not as good as x brand or they don't like the feel or system. A option without and without that cost involved is a good idea too.  

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