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Suspension Design

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I Have this idea for an EUC suspension, want to share it here, but don't know how to draw it or present it.

any advise on how to make a drawing or 3d model online ?

PS: I don't have any experience with cad software.

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Tinkercad.com is an easy approach to making 3D images, even for a newbie. You can even download the images in .STL format, ready to 3D print.

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Apologies for the crude design, my first time using CAD, will try to refine and update here.

I'll try to explain the design best possible by me, 

The pedals (yellow) are attached to a rail (green) in the front, which only allows vertical movement, and the back part rests on a free moving roller at the end of a rod.

The rod has a pivot point (which isn't depicted accurately) and the end is connected to a single suspension, same mechanism on the other side too.

How the suspension is connected to the rod and body is not shown here.

PS: The red box is the EUC  :D



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I keep wondering why you wanted to design this suspension system if yours. Do you think it would have some benefits over the current commercial designs?

 The problems I instantly see with the design:

1) The dihedral angle if they pedal is supported only at the front of the pedal. The pedal and the bracket would have to be extremely heavily built to be able to keep it’s shape and angle under the stress the EUC pedals face constantly.

2) The suspension travel is inversely progressive, which is opposite of what is generally being used. As your pedal goes down, it moves the shock less than when it starts from the top. This would make the shock feel overly hard at sharp bumps, yet it would give in too much in bigger bumps.

3) The uplifting force from the suspension is angled at roughly 45• to the pedals, waisting a lot of energy and placing a lot of additional requirements to the stability of the whole structure. When the system wears out (or already when the lubrication dries up), the pedals will no longer recover to the original position.

4) The rod has to be very heavily built to be able to transfer the force between the pedals and the shock without deforming.

5) The system seems to have a lot of exposed parts that are vulnerable at the slightest tumble.

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Autodesk 360 is decent cad software.  I'm with @mrelwood. I fear your desires are a little bigger than your knowledge. Keep at it for sure, but you may want to go work for a race team or suspension design or drafting team for a while. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Personally, I'd just steal Locksong's design of the s18 and do the unthinkable.... BUILD IT PROPERLY.  I do admire your enthusiasm! Don't worry about intellectual property theft from the chinese. I'm pretty sure its standard operating procedure for them anyhow.

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On 10/25/2020 at 9:50 PM, mrelwood said:

I keep wondering why you wanted to design this suspension system if yours

Just wanted to share my crazy idea here.


On 10/25/2020 at 11:38 PM, ShanesPlanet said:

Personally, I'd just steal Locksong's design of the s18 and do the unthinkable.... BUILD IT PROPERLY.

I don't intend to manufacture or design anything, just shared something that came in my mind. 

Thanks for all the inputs and support, helps me think more.

@mrelwood Thanks for pointing out the details and for Tinkercad, I am liking it more than I thought.

Will try to update with something that looks more like an EUC, when I get time.

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