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KS-18L/KS-18XL Headlight Repair/Mod Options?


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Good day all, new member and new rider here.  I've been learning on a borrowed KS-18XL and had the opportunity to pick up a second hand one in great shape so I have.  So far very happy except that the headlight on the one I bought is utterly and completely useless - the output is just nothing like the other one (or what it is supposed to be, based on looking at others' comments and reviews).  The obvious fix is to replace the headlight module (not especially costly, so no huge deal) but first I wondered - has anybody here tried to replace/mod for even better lighting?  If so - what did you do and how is it working?  If an upgrade can be done instead of just a "repair" I would likely go for it, any input appreciated.  


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