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CE Level 2 Protective Pads - Where can I get them cheap?

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When I ordered my armored hoodie I didn't realize there were two levels of protective pads you could choose from, I only saw the level 1s, so that is what I ordered.

I would now like to upgrade to level 2 but they are ridiculously expensive for something so simple: $44 USD plus $10 for shipping is the best price I can find on AliExpress (for knee/elbow/back). By chance does anyone know where I can get a better price?

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     I have the armored hoodie with level 2 pads,  im looking to sell the pads.

     Both the jacket and the pads arebrand new, havnt worn the hoodie on a ride yet but Im selling the level 2 pads because I have a full upper body protection suit by Xion now, so I'm just using the jacket as a kevlar shell for more abrasion protection. The pads cost me 80 bucks brand new.

Did you not want to spend that sort of cash and get them directly from Lazyrolling? 

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