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Inmotion V10F and hills

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Saw this video (a bit older) https://youtu.be/xWJ-VSaj_Vs?t=203 where the ecu kept overloading going uphill.

Ewheel's website list a disadvantage of the V10F as:

Susceptibility to Controller Overheating on Sustained Hill Climbs: to protect the controller from temperature stresses, the controller forces the Rider to dismount—by tilting back the pedals where it becomes unrideable—once the controller’s temperature probe senses 70°C/158°F. On the V10/F, this overheating condition is reached earlier than on other Wheels from either King Song or Gotway. If you live in a particularly hilly region, other Wheels may be more suitable for your needs.

Can anyone comment on this? Has this issue fixed in firmware?

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You could look at the following video where Marty is riding a V10F up and down steep hills. Otherwise you could just state how far you want to ride and what your weight is then let others suggest appropriate wheels for a hilly terrain. Another option is just to buy any cheap wheel and learn to ride then you'll have a wider choice of suitable wheels.


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I have over 1750 miles on a V10F before I upgraded, which I often rode at the edge of the beeps re: speed, and I never encountered the overheat warning that some have (where it makes you get off). Now I only weigh ~150 lbs and don't tend to ride straight up mountains for no good reason, but I did earn most of those miles while temporarily living in the south including some extremely hot and humid ambient temperatures in the summers.

I imagine it's gotta be some combination of rider weight + inclines + aggressive acceleration + ambient temperature + perhaps when it was manufactured (if there have been any improvements there), where the V10F handles most of these things ok but too many/much of them in combination can push it over the limit.

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I ride a V10F,  lots of hills, and yes it does run hot. On a ride up a long hill a month ago the motherboard hit 174 F. I was monitoring the temp with euc.world and got off and walked for a while to let it cool off.


I weigh 210lbs plus gear so this wheel is probably not ideal for my weight and the hilly terrain in my area. If I were 50lbs lighter overheating would probably not be an issue. 

I have experienced about six overload alarms in 500+ miles. These are due to pushing the wheel beyond its power limits. It gives you a verbal message, gradually slows, and tilts back. You need to dismount and reset the alarm with the no-spin button. This is a great safety feature. I would take a thousand dismount alarms over a single cutout, crash, and injuries.   

Am shopping for a more powerful wheel.  Love the V10F other than it is a bit small for a heavy rider and hilly terrain. If you weigh 160 lbs or less it will have plenty of power and overheating will probably not be an issue unless you try to take it up Mt Everest.  


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