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Introduction - New 9Bot E+


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Hi yalls, I have recently came across a superb deal on the ninebot one E+ for $506.66 so I pulled the trigger (to prevent re-seller, whoever is interested in the deal, please pm me). Upon research, I found this forum so I figure, why not make an introduction. I'm currently living in Charlotte, NC so if any riders out there, please drop in. 

I have been interested in these electric unicycle ever since the first air wheel came out. Though the price was too high and I really didn't have any uses for it. Recently (a year ago) I got two TG T3 from ebay for a decent deal and started to learn. It was a blast to learn and ride. Since it was a beginning unit, the battery of 132Wh was not the best (roughly 5 miles per charge) I then looked for better options such as the Kingsong / Gotway or Ninebot. I can pretty much maneuver without any problems, short distance one leg ride and definitely no backward riding what so ever (its soooo hard)

Anyway, hopefully the ninebot should arrive any time next week since it was shipped via UPS ground in the US. I also ordered the trolley / park combo from aliexpress (these things just got much more expensive since the last time I check) Also plan to add a brushed black metal to the outter and inner ring. I do not like the color of the battery/board covers. Any mod suggestions that I can deal with it. I hope the wrap can stick to the covers. Will report back when the unit arrives! I can't wait!!!!!!!



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Hi Alankevis and Tyred, Ive had my 9BO e+ for about 6 weeks now and to Australia from China, mine cost $1,300 AUD.

i've loved every minute of owning it, although the first 2-3 weeks were a bit of a trial, and bruises on my ankles to prove it, but now have moved the ride mode from 5 down to 3, and in another month will move it down to 0.

The looks and questions from people are fun too, and make riding one quite a "cool" thing to be able to do, as people see the "2 wheeled hoverboards" as something that ANYONE can ride, but when they see the 1 wheeled Bot cruising past them, they just look in amazement.

you will enjoy your 9bo e+ Im sure, just take it easy on it, dont try to break land speed records with it, in people traffic be aware of surroundings, and uneven pavements and paths ahead..

enjoy your Bot

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