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V11 imu sensor error/death tilt-back


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I got a frustating issue with the new 1.2.0 firmware,

my wheel is continuously in "eco/get off of me mode" when i boot it even with 90% batt left.

I've run a diagnose and it would seem the wheel is overheating O.o No, it's rather freezing because the "Imu temperature" indicate  -34°C...

Probably a sensor defect but for now, my wheel is locked and with only 15km on it, i'm very pissed.

The most surprising part is that my V11 worked perfectly fine yesterday just after the upgrade but not this morning, i didn't change anything in the app or on the wheel.

Also, i have the BT connecting issue with EUC World...

Do you guys knows how to downgrade the firmware?



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From liam in thr telegram group a little while ago.

Urgent Notice:
After checking on the tiltback issues of INMOTION V11 updated to the latest firmware, we found it the abnormal performance on the IMU temperature sensor which causes the false IMU overtemperature alarm results in tiltback. And this issue will only appear in the cold area. The firmware to fix the bug will be released in one day. You can push the wheel forward and backward for a few minutes until it's self-balancing as the emergency procedures. Sorry for bringing you inconvenience.

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8 hours ago, Mendel said:


i have a big problem with my inmotion v10f

suddenly stop to work in a road

the diagnostic said that is the sensor module

«  sensor output error » what I can do please??


Sounds like the motor would have an issue. At worst you might have to replace the motor.

 But if you aren’t mechanically inclined, it’s a rather involved job, and might be best left to someone who has done stuff like this before.

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