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Need suggestion for long chin on full face helmet

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I need a new helmet! The current one I have presses against my nose/mouth way too much!

Anyone know of any models that might fit my need?   Ive looked at pics on Amazon, but I'm hesitant in buying something and then having the same effect as my current helmet. 

Current: https://www.amazon.com/Motorcycle-Motocross-ATV-Helmet-Approved/dp/B01GIYZ45M

I had to take out the chin padding right away. It was soo tight on my face that I was turning red in the face.  After removing that i'm still battling the front of my face being smashed into the front vent.

Is this usual to have the vent that close to your face?  I'd like a little breathing room :)  Fully understand I probably bought a not soo great helmet to start with in the first place. 


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For spring/summer/autumn I can highly recommend the IXS Trigger FF helmet, it's very comfortable and light, had the same issue as you previous helmet pressing to much but this one is great. For winter and cold I am getting a second enclosed helmet the AGV AX-8 Dual Evo which has a great FOV but still waiting for the shipment of it before I feel comfortable recommending it.

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