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Quality of videos in The Video Thread

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6 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

In a perfect world, every video posted on this forum would be posted into this thread, so it is an index of sorts of all available videos for people to browse.

Understood. Apologies for any indiscretion. :efeec46606:

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So as an EUC rider & an occasional video watcher (btw, nobody EVERY edits captions into their video & youtube doesn't always do a great job...), I was never under the impression people were ex

This is all BS (pardon my French). Please keep posting your videos Shane. I for one get a kick out of your personality. Please tell me who gets to decide what's view worthy. If someone doesn't wa

Ok so I moved all posts that didn't seem too related to a posted video into here. Fel free to argue about whatever you like, it's just not supposed to clog up the Video Thread. Also I'm happ

3 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Ok so I moved all posts that didn't seem too related to a posted video into here.

Fel free to argue about whatever you like, it's just not supposed to clog up the Video Thread.

Also I'm happy everyone here is trying to be constructive:thumbup:

Awesome work man! I have some Malibu and pineapple juice left. If only I could make you a nice relaxing piña colada after all of this. :cheers:

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6 minutes ago, Midlife Cricycle said:

Okay, I accept that interpretation. It was far from my initial reaction which, if I'm honest, was perhaps coloured by our previous interactions over a separate issue. I am actually a very optimistic person and usually seek the best in people, but maybe of late I've become more jaded as the world descends into in-fighting, corruption, economic turmoil, etc. I've also been in lockdown for about 6 months and have been without a wheel for over 1 month, which is literal hell. Maybe in 2 days when my new wheel arrives I'll be more upbeat?

I'm sorry I misinterpreted what you said. I'm sorry I derailed the thread. I don't regret raising the issue in the first place because, like I said previously, there is too much negative stuff out there that people don't call out or question because it's uncomfortable. Let's put this behind us and move on.  

Thank you so much for saying that.

I am also sorry if I came across too strongly. I tend to be easily offended and insulted... anxious me... my feminine side. My wounded inner child.
I do mention controversial things quite often. It is my way of making them visible instead of invisible. It is my way of taking power away from words.

We are a bit spoiled in Sweden because people act as if there is no virus except that we mostly stand 2 meters apart from each other when standing in line to buy groceries.
So I am out riding every day.. and actually more than ever because Monika can't leave the country to teach Zumba and does it from home instead. I can't stand sounds that don't belong so I go into fight or flight mode = I grab my 2664Wh Nikola and go...

Congrats on your upcoming S18! 


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5 hours ago, Midlife Cricycle said:

Your argument essentially boils down to:

1. You are nice to women so your comment couldn't possibly be misogynistic.

2. Your comment was a play on words

3. Society places pressure on men to be more manly and extreme and comments like yours somehow liberate men from this trap.

Your first argument falls flat for the reason that you can be both. For the record, I don't think you're a raging woman-hater (based on our limited interactions). I do think you might occasionally use language that perpetuates unhealthy attitudes to women. I have certainly done so in my life (as I earlier admitted) but have worked hard to get better at this and accepted responsibility when I've been called out on this.

Your second argument - that "Right in the vagina" is a play on words - doesn't make sense to me. What word is being played with? If you think this is a pun, I suggest you look up the meaning of the word.

Your third argument is the least convincing and really quite confusing. You admit that your comment was aimed more towards men. That's kind of my point. You made that comment with male audiences in mind but gave little thought to how women might hear it. I mentioned this whole thing to my wife and when I told her your comment at the end of your video, she recoiled. Can I suggest you ask your partner/female friends for their thoughts on your comment? I'm also not sure how a comment like that, aimed towards men who are trapped in this world of masculine expectations, is meant to help the situation. I'm genuinely confused and would appreciate your further insights.

To me, "Right in the vagina" has obvious overtones of sexualised violence towards women. My interpretation is that you had just completed a day of tricks and jumps and felt like you had nailed it. Smashed it. Where? Right in the vagina. It was an assertion of your cigarette-smoking, too-tough-to-wear-a-helmet, dabbing manliness.

I really didn't set out to start a war on a forum that I otherwise enjoy, but there is clearly a sexism problem here (have a look at past threads on this issue as well as the recent controversy over the Begode picture of a large-breasted model astride an EUC and the response to it). I also note the response of other posters, replying with no sense of irony for me not to get my "panties in a twist". And saying that "humour is humour", a tautological phrase akin to the old chestnut: "boys will be boys!".

I stopped suggesting you wear a helmet when it became apparent that there is not much there worth protecting.

This time I don't know if you wrote same boring shit, but I assuming it and stopped reading immediately after the first few words. 

Please stop spamming the Forum, FB or YT. You should go ahead, buy your first wheel and have some fun, if that is even possible for you. 

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3 hours ago, Mike Sacristan said:

I will try to keep it short so that we can end this.

Timestamp embedded in URL or 35:10 into the clip.
So here is the answer:

I did not feel that I nailed that last jump. I was very nervous as I couldn't see the other side. I had already stress tested my soul enough and I was pretty much out of courage. Doing those things alone as an anxious person who overthinks things is a nightmare. I forced myself to do the last jump... uncomfortable as it was. I could not see the other side where I would land from the point where I would be jumping. 

I felt it in the part of my being that does not perform as a man is expected to do. In that way my comment is stereotyping men and women.

I felt it in my vagina. In my feminine side (which is my dominant side). In the side of me that is afraid of taking risks.
Right in the feels. Right in the vagina.

If you would like to learn more about the principle of charity there is a nice write up here:

If you are unable to there is another good article here:
Although that one is quite complex and can take a few days to get through and properly understand.
Then you can go back to the principle of charity.

Your interpretation is very coloured by your own values and those values seem a bit extreme if you are imposing them on everything you see.
They become a coloured lens.
Finding sexism where there is none.
Like people who find racism where there is none.
Looking for confirmation in your partner for a word you heard in a vacuum.

If you would like to continue to discuss sexism or charitable interpretations I am sure you can start your own thread and link to my clip or clips.
Perhaps you can start a poll.

You interpreted my words in a certain way. You put the burden on me to explain your interpretation.
That is quite a lot of work you are expecting others to do for you.
It is not too late for you to take responsibility for yourself.

That was me keeping it short.


You are one articulate son of a gun. I would like to hire you in the future for public relations work :lol:

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2 hours ago, Tazarinho said:

As for me, I am grateful for anyone who is passionate enough about his own riding to make a video and post it here.


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I so miss the good grand old days of when I joined the forum. Where @Rehab1 entertained us all with his contraption and daily work from his EUCs.

I think I have to find these again once my shift of working from home ends. :popcorn:

I just don't has his fantastic charm to capture the audience. (and no I am dead serious on this). It is a skill I can only wish for but never master. 

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6 hours ago, BFE Duke said:

You are one articulate son of a gun. I would like to hire you in the future for public relations work :lol:

Haha thanks man. That was a very nice way of saying it. :thumbup:

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3 hours ago, Unventor said:

I so miss the good grand old days of when I joined the forum. Where @Rehab1 entertained us all with his contraption and daily work from his EUCs.


Thanks buddy. My creativity seems to have went south. Even though it’s been a number of years since I lost my son it has taken a toll on me. I need to make another video in his memory. That might help. 

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