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Im buying a v11 soon, and i know nothing about riding gear. Ive ridden for about a year on my v5f and recently had a spill due to what i assume was overleaning it, which im sure will happen again given im having to make a real effort to stay behind 15mph. I need something with more power so i don't end up on my face again.

Luckily the fall wasn't too bad this time, just scrapes, but I'm not gonna press my luck. All i have at present are wrist guards. What else should i be buying and what best/ necessary?

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You should really research it more because it will make you treat the V11's speed with the proper amount of respect/fear - the more I read  about other people's crashes the more cautious I become. It's good to fully understand the risk your taking and what could happen.

With all that said - You will mostly get the same answer from everyone: full face helmet, wrist/knee/elbow protection. That is the absolute minimum for going 50kph on a new wheel.

Myself I take it a few steps further with padded shorts for hip/butt protection, an Armored Hoodie and a Leatt 4.5 Hydra. How many of these extra pieces I wear depends on the weather and my mood. 

Honestly, gear up as much as you can tolerate. When you have your first high speed wipe you'll appreciate every piece of gear more.

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Full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, shoulder protection, back protection.

You could just get a motorcycle jacket and pants with all of those things built in with the added benefits of having mesh fabric that protects against scraping, looking stylish and being easy to put on or take off.

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I have the V11 and run and I went with the armored motorcycle jacket option to make getting ready easier.  I have the Leate knee pads and those things have taken some hard falls and really proved their worth.  For helmet I went with downhill mountain bike, because it was super lite and full face.  I bought some $20 Bluetooth ear speakers for the helmet and one set of googles for daytime, and clear googles for night.  Mounted a cheap torch on the top of the helmet.  I always ride with my wrist guards and helmet, and vary equipment like knee pads and jacket depending on my intended top speeds.


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Not knowing any better, I started with separates but after a couple dozen times getting all geared up got frustrated with the time and effort involved. FF helmet, elbow pads, hip belt with tailbone protector, knee pads, boots. All the Velcro was irritating to deal with.

I wish I was smart like you and had asked because I ended up also buying mesh moto jacket with elbow/shoulder/back and moto pants with hip and knee “built in”. They have removable waterproof and warm inners. Way way more convenient, plus abrasion resistance.

Also, to protect my fingers from road rash I wear leather gloves (mittens in the winter) under my wrist guards. That meant the flexmeters I bought are a little too small—the free eWheels ones do work though.

I am hoping I can still use the separates when it’s 🥵, but am hoping the removable layers will be sufficient. Either way, I also had to get a huge duffel bag for all the crap.

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Lots of good info here!  This is my gearing priority.

Bare minimum:  Full Face helmet and wrist protection.

Nice to haves:

Knees, elbows, armored jacket and pants optional

Being long time skateboarder and aggressive inline skater I have personally seen 3 wrists get broken.  Not mine knock on wood!  All 3 times was at slow speed on little spills.  EUCs are more dangerous because you are higher off the ground meaning more leverage for gravity to do a number on your wrists.  The full face helmet part is when your arms might not be strong enough to keep your face\chin off the pavement.  I gave myself a nice 3 inch chin gash where I fell and my arms was not quite strong enough to prevent what felt like a little gentle tap of the chin on the cement, that tap opened up an inch and half gash that needed stitches.  Pretty gross hehe.

I would pad up for the slide... meaning I gear more for sliding hard plastics than clothie type armor.  Crashes when slide padded properly on concrete is much easier on the body, and the armor tends to stay in place while sliding whereas armor that does not slide tends to move more possibly exposing a body part.  Think Volley ball knee pads bad.

Now when riding in the dirt sliding pads don't quite slide as well.  They will all kind of grab.


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