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Initial specs listed dual charging ports, but I only see one port.

Bummer if only one port, which will limit its usefulness for long range rides. This or the monster pro will be my next wheel.

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15 hours ago, Chronic said:

Last week, because it was a holiday in Korea, all shipments were on hold

I finally got it now. Simply sharing unboxing photos

This is really too heavy lol nearly 86 pounds

Please watch for your back:)










Please take some photos of the internals also. i really need to see whats changed. new pcb layout perhaps, better cooling.. anything O:) 

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My understanding is that this is a preproduction unit and several others like it have been shipped as well. The major distributors should have their hands on the demo units soon.

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how do you feel that trolley-handle it will hold (when you walk with it) if the wheel will lean hardly one side ?
for me this is deal killer because, I need to walk with it some time.

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39 minutes ago, Meserias said:

how do you feel that trolley-handle it will hold (when you walk with it) if the wheel will lean hardly one side ?
for me this is deal killer because, I need to walk with it some time.

Trolley handles need to be good enough to operate the device unpowered. So far I have not seen anyone operate the device unpowered with the trolley handle. Cannot lock it in place? What is going on? We been yelling this as feedback for good while. Handle looks wobbly.. %¤"#! (pardon my french) I will wait until there will be real quality parts and they stop using salvage crap. What are they doing?

Pushing models with all the same problems as before. Water kills these devices. They make expensive units but do not fix the water problems. Cover your power buttons in your unit and that trolley handle is a way in for water to your machine. Try to cover these parts one way or another.

There is a change water can get to batteries and your device will catch fire with those lithium batteries. Other than that you could see cut offs or weird behaviour. I am thinking of sending requests to reviewers to test devices for water sealing. Handle should not be connected to rest of the internals of the machine, that is just crazy! That's how it was in MSP, hoping to see some more video of how it is in EX.

I am waiting to see these problems fixed, I would not buy premium to get cheap as possible solutions. This device maker might become banned from european market if they do not step up their game fixing the obvious flaws.

A one machine catching fire might not be big deal but when your house burns along with it..

I do not want submarine but a wheel with basic design against water damage.

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