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Gotway Nikola screw in bumpers...


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Hi Peeps,

I'm considering fitting door bumpers to my nikola for it's own protection... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rubber-Diameter-Screws-Protection-Furniture/dp/B07BHSLKX9?th=1

I want to fit them directly to the location of the current hex-key screws that hold the shell on (seems like a sensible way to do it without adding additional holes to the shell, and they would be secure that way).  However, I can't find the specs of the screws themselves, as I'll obviously need to get slightly longer ones with same threading and probably wider head etc... anyone have any insight for me? 

Also, happy to hear if this is a non-starter... :efee612b4b:

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meh, the recess will stop me doing this properly... however can use 3M BumpOns which look basically the same but have adhesive, and could even place around the existing screws and have screwdriver go through the middle... 


Got the idea from motorcycle crash bungs...

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depending on the crash, you might shear off the entire screw/rubber nub

iirc they are M4 sized screws.  Enough to hold a panel, but way to small to take any sort of crash/impact.  The nikola is 60lb.  So imagine a 60lb wheel sliding even at 25kph.  Any screw/nub that catches a crack in the road will get wrecked

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