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Welcome Home NB P !


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By way....i am very ok with price for extra speed.  I really believe it can save me from harm if burst needed.  So nany cars just don't look. Crosswalks too.  I have slowed made direct eye contact with driver(they are stopped) and as i cross they go! I think they are confused....am i a bike or pedestrian. If bike they have right of way. If pedestrian...i do.  They stare as they pass and i stare back with angered look. 

This speed is worth the extra $.  I am with nb because a fact of any mfg, cost savings is profit.  The little guys are pinching more than big guys.  It's early in this mode of transport and although there have been problems....it's existed with all eucs.  It's kinda like going with a honda or a Mitsubishi.....same price will get you lots more with Mitsubishi but I'll take the Honda everytime :)

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