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What is your next Gotway wheel?

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  1. 1. What is your next wheel choice?

    • RS-Torque
    • RS-Speed
    • Monster Pro
    • EX
    • Not upgrading because I already have a MSX/MSP

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43 minutes ago, buell47 said:

I ordered RS HT, but probably I'll change my order to RS HS. :rolleyes:

Im looking forward to the high torque just for fast acceleration when necessary to overtake and climbing capability. I doubt I will ride above 48 k/h. 40k/h is plenty fast for me with the KS wheels, but it never hurts to have extra power if needed :efee612b4b:. Sherman is too heavy for my riding purposes. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Probably either an RS HT or an EX.  My perfect wheel would be an RS/Msuper type with suspension.  The RS HT will have the torque and size I want, but no suspension...the HS would have the high top speed I want, but I want the higher torque (lots of steep hills)  The EX will be impressive, but likely much heavier and more expensive than I want....I almost wish they'd offer a smaller battery option.  I don't need a huge 2,700 wh pack.  1,500 or so would be fine, I'd rather have a less expenive and not as heavy wheel.

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