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RagingGrandpa's charge-and-ride Greenworks backpack


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6 hours ago, RagingGrandpa said:

But because the boost converter's output voltage can never be lower than its input, user errors like connecting the backpack when the EUC is at a lower voltage will result in unregulated charging of the EUC.

What?  This seems like a pretty big drawback.

Are you able to get another converter that supports this so you can hook on/off the backpack at any time regardless of the voltage on the backpack or EUC

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On 9/21/2020 at 3:18 AM, RagingGrandpa said:

All I can conclude here is that my backpack's BMS communication is damaged somehow. Perhaps I've burned out something by connecting the command wire directly to 84V with my SW2; or perhaps it was damaged by the previous owner (my backpack was sold as used with no guarantees).

Hi RagingGrandpa!  I was stoked to find your post while doing some research about this battery pack, especially in an EUC forum!  Too bad to hear about your issues with the onboard bms balancing and charging though…

I recently got my hands on one of these BMS units that was pulled from the same type of backpack battery.  I got it from a guy who had a few of these packs that he tore apart to salvage the cells, and I’m supposed to report back if I have any luck waking my board up with a new set of cells.  

Im wondering if you might have any tips as to what is worth trying and what I should avoid while I attempt to wake my BMS up.

Mahalo   🤙


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@Azzias and I had a nice correspondence on it in the earlier thread: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/19450-do-you-use-a-backpack-battery/?do=findComment&comment=328379

But neither of us have found a way to make the Greenworks BMS perform balancing, other than connecting it to a real Greenworks charger :( 

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