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Nikola users, show me your mudguard

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I learned a new thing yesterday the hard way :

while turning right 90%, never ride over a log, as the log surely will be twice the size you estimated.  My decision ended up in the log rolling away under the wheel, my pedal scraping heavily the ground, and my wheel taking a large tumbling.  It ended bouncing on my 3D printed mudguard, which decided that was the last piece of abuse it could take, and split in three parts. Luckily no humans were harmed in the process, although my beautiful Nik took it first batch of really bad scratches.  

As autumn stirs up, and the Nikola really needs a mudguard (also found out by experience), I'm curious to find out what other people use as mudguard. I used this 3D printed PLA mudguard, which served me fine (although not easy to put in place) : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3987748





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AS the PLA variant was very difficult to put in place, I've ordered the same one, but this time printed in some kind of flexible rubber. We'll see if it holds on nicely.

This looks nice as well : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4389678


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22 hours ago, Lavabo said:

whats the light on the trolley?

It's an additional (smart) light with a USB rechargeable battery.  The faint Gotway Nikola rear light with its embossed logo hardly can be defined as a rear light. Added because I wanted to be more visible when riding at night. 

The smart light part is that it can detect when I'm breaking, and then changes from a blinking to fixed LED. 

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