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New rider - knee pain, worry or goes away?


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I'm just trying to be proactive here.  I'm not having this intense knee pain, but it is dull -

from all your your experiences...

Does this go away after some time, like foot pain?

Or should I investigate getting something like a knee brace to hold it in check?  Has that seemed to help anyone?


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I've been in agony for the last week with my knee. I am also just learning. I bought a knee support which allowed me to put an ice pack inside, it's started to ease the last few days, so I think it's about conditioning rather than some severe injury. 

At first I couldn't put weight on it at all, now it's a little niggle. If it persists, maybe get it seen to.

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I'm also a new rider -- now on my third week of learning to ride.

And I also feel pain on my right (dominant) knee. No pain on my left knee.

But the pain seems to be lessening as I keep on practicing every morning.

Also, I do stetchings and warmup before I ride -- this seems to help.

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I  am also quite new. 

I feel I can now relax while riding and muscle pain is not worry for me anymore. I still feel the standing weight on my feet and that forces me to take breaks. Makes my feet feel numb if I ride for too long. My practice has been driving 40-60 km per day in 20 km drives. My need for breaks has become less and less needed as I been able to relax muscles during drives and find balance. It is a unique process for everyone.



Even short break of 1 minute gives your muscles time to relax and get ready again. Take breaks when you feel pain in muscles and try to get your mind off things for that moment too.


When starting muscle pain is  something cannot be avoided. It takes time to realize you do not need the muscles, just balance. The problem is that a rookie like me has all leg muscles in tense way and you hold on to the wheel like crazy.

You just need to relax. Lil lean with one leg to wheel will do. But everyone needs their time with the wheel.


During training it is important to take breaks ALOT of em. You risk injury and muscle pain for no good reason. All those muscles you are flexing, not needed. You might also ruin your next training day if you do too much. Little patience in training helps. 

Protective gear can support your legs too, the good ones do. Knee protection is worth the investment.

If you feel frustrated, think of something else for moment. Then try again, you will learn better when not stressed.

 Your muscles are awesome cause even short break gives you lot more time to practice. 

A cold effect lotion will help your muscles recover faster if you feel pain many hours after practice. You have over done the training in this case, it happens. 

If you have previous injuries and you feel pain in that area - Stop. Take even longer breaks. If muscle pain lasts longer than a one rest day, rest more those muscles. See a doctor if pain does not go away by resting.

Watch the  training videos and try the things they say in em. If you can do practice moves in videos (half circle with one leg, mount -demount, Kick ahead and step off, and such - the whole puzzle will open and you be one of us, riders.

Wax on,  wax off.

Good luck and stay safe!

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