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Polyurethane coating attempt - KS-16x


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After much searching I finally found a Line-X/polyurethane coating equivalent available locally. (SG/Malaysia) So there's a capsule at the bottom which you pop to release hardener, and then begin spraying. The spray pattern seems pretty good on video, which claims each can comes with both a fan spray pattern and traditional nozzle. I'm guessing theres a pretty short time limit to finish the can once the hardener is released as well. 

Now that it's on the way i'm thinking of spraying the entire 16x without disassembling, that way it can also act as a sealant and cover those pesky gaps which famously compromise water resistance. Of course opening it will be a pain in the ass or maybe even impossible 🤣

Anybody here has experience with Polyurethane coatings? Any things I should know before beginning? Anybody tried any similar mods?

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