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King Song S18 Unicycle - Questions


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Hello everyone!
I am developing an animation video (Motion graphics) for King Song S18.

So for this i need your help.

I am asking you guys as specialized community about your experience and perception of unicycle. I want to understand better what might attract your attention, and generate emotions.

Therefore, I have some questions for you. Your answer would help me a lot to understand how target community of this product think.

Here we go:
1. Why do you choose King Song over other brands?

2. What is your favorite thing about King Song S18?

3. How do you feel during riding it?
*Think about would you describe your experience of using the product, feeling the speed?
*What does the experience associate for with?

4. How do you like the appearance of this unicycle model?
*what association words does it bring to you?

5. What colors and **items**(anything) comes to your mind when you think about S18 and your riding experience?

6. What is main environment in which you usually take a ride? *City, off-road, etc.

7. What are 3 WORDS which can describe King Song S18 with?

Here you can find the Google Form version of the question if it's easier for you:

Or you can answer in the comments.

Thanks ahead, and once I will finish the video I will present it to you to see the integration of your answers. :clap3:

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