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Hello everyone,

That my first message on this forum. I'm glad to find it and after an afternon of searching I here because I need your advice.

I want to buy a new EUC for freestyle (mostly one foot work, and whirling dervish style mouvement) and commons travel in my city (I need a capacity over than 25 km without charge).

I've find a lot of information about EUC on your forum but nothing clear about witch wheel are a better resistance for "no comons used". For the others part I've find all informations I need.

Yet my choice are  :

Inmotion V8F
Kingsong 14D V2

or Kingsong 16S

I've ride for more than 1000 km with a second hand inmotion V8 and push it to 7500 km before I broke the central axes. So i don't know if take a new Inmotion is a good idea, i'm scared to broke the new one fastest than the first one.

So with you're experience, witch wheel did you thing is the most resistant wheel for no common used ? Did you know by experience at witch point the warranty can work for this kind of trouble on a new product ?


My apologize for my english, it's not my native language and I didnt' write in english since a longtime :)

Hope you can help me in my choose of that new wheel !



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@Sidestreet Reny (https://youtube.com/channel/UCT-qSaIEzwCHeeMqvkkOh3w) is the biggest name I know for specifically freestyle on EUC, and he swears by his InMotion wheel(s) over others he's tried for his kind of tricks. Not sure how much he visits the forums, but you could try messaging him about it (either here or through youtube).

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