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Wrist/Hand protection compatible with selfie stick use

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I'm getting a 360 camera and my basic wrist guards, although comfortable and effective are making holding a selfie stick to film (or anything really) hazardous at best.

What would you recommend as wrist guard or gloves for safe selfie stick operation?
I have a few additional considerations orienting the choice:

  • I live in Sweden and hope to keep riding during winter (cold)
  • Adjusting camera settings will be done on touchscreens on the phone and the camera
  • I'm riding with a Garmin watch to display speed and capture GPS & Heart Rate data for Strava: the solution shouldn't push the watch too high up on the arm

So far I found

  • Demon Flexmeter double sided wrist guard: very long, problem with using the Garmin watch (HR sensor)
  • flatland3d / Knox Fingerless Pro e-skate glove: seem to be a great solution, out of stock everywhere but sellers with no or poor reputation, what about winter?
  • flatland3d / Knox full finger Pro e-skate glove: might be good all year around, out of stock everywhere but sellers with poor reputation?

What do you think?

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I use demon flex meter with my insta360 but have a pebble watch fitted with velcro as per photo

I find it OK with the selfie stick, you get used to it. 


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